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Indescribable Earrings

These earrings each has three dangles with red balls at the end, attached to the same jump ring as the sheet copper. They remind me of fishing lures, but that's not a good way to describe earrings, so I'll just call them indescribable! It looks as though the dangles are longer on one earring than the other, but that's because a couple got stuck on the left jump ring. They're actually the same length (I sent my photographer to bed with no supper for this error).

The curved cutouts on these earrings are bout 1" long and 1/2" wide. They hang down 2-1/4" to the bottom of the dangles  All my earrings have Sterling Silver ear wires.   Click on the photo to see the earrings super-sized...

Working with Copper is a real joy. It can be cut, hammered, folded, textured, and flame-colored. Copper allows a jewelry artist real license to let her imagination flow freely. My copper creations give you the opportunity to be close to me through the details in the copper. You are wearing something into which I invested the entirety of my skills in order to transform a hunk of metal into something beautiful.

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Indescribable Earrings



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